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What is involved

Sprinkler Systems consist of a "wet pipe" installation constantly charged with water fed directly from the mains, or in some cases, from a tank and pump system. Pipes are sized to supply around 60 litres per minute to any one sprinkler head. Most domestic systems use a 25mm MDPE supply. Most modern homes now have a 32mm supply which is ideal. For multiple occupancy system (care homes etc) a larger supply may be needed. Water pressures should be between 2-4 bar although it can work effectively at lower pressures.


The process of installation can be likened to installing central heating and generally causes no more inconvenience than this.


Sprinkler heads are positioned in all parts of the building with most rooms only requiring one or two heads. Dedicated control and alarm valves are fitted to ensure reliable service and alert occupants to any fire situation.

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Fire Sprinkler systems UK
Fire Sprinkler Systems UK



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